Tesseract Trading is composed of a large group of mathematicians and statisticians that analyze trades using a variety of methods to assess for optimal P/L over historical time frames. They select only the best trades to offer, based on uniformity of P/L over time as a function of type of trade, time of trade and index traded.

They are please to offer:


True North Trading

How True North Trading works here

6E, 6J, CL, GC, NG, SI May month results here

the Dark Side of Any and All Track Record Summaries here

See TNT Room P/L; Inquire if interested



Three reasons to join:

  1. Trades shown in real time and a truthful track record is posted (track record).

  2. Room daily average (~$2000/day) is largest in global future trade industry

  3. Membership costs among the lowest.


In addition, the Tesseract Trade Team applauds and champions the work of Dr. Handley, who as an independent trader has traversed the global futures trade room industry room by room over 5.8 years. Tesseract affords Dr. Handley identified areas in our web site to present and publish his vast library of papers and articles that detail the worse and very best trade rooms. All of those best room are our staunch competitors and so in listing and recommending those rooms, Tesseract is the only site in the global futures industry to endorse other traders and competive businesses.