M3 Room membership:
Membership is structured as follows:
1. You have already purchased the MDEI indicator from Bob Amico (receipt required) and only wish to use the Phalanx management system.
2. You have not purchased the MDEI and wish observe both the MDEI indicator and Phalanx management system.



What does membership buy?


     Access to the room and all traded indices;
     Math-based and time-based Phalanx analysis of all trades
     All trades taken at 1 contract per entry
     Trade selection based on aver P/L of >$200 per 3 contract trade basis
     Memberships are non-refundable. 
                                                           Own MDEI/Phalanx & room                                    Need MDEI/Phalanx/room


​​1 Day Membership                                         $14.99:                                                                   $24.99
1 Week Membership - $89.00:
1 Month Membership - $349.00:
3 Month  Membership - $899.00:


6 Month  Membership - $1598.00: